Brett Baughman

Sunday, July 27, 2008

How do you measure success?

What is success to you? How do you measure it? How will you know when you have it?

These are important questions to ask yourself. I have found that many people determine their success based upon what they don't have, or don't want. For instance, I have had clients say to me, "I feel successful when I don't screw up." There are many ways to achieve your goals. Are you using the most effective strategy?

I specialize in helping you discover what works for you. Often times it is more powerful to focus on what you DO want and how you CAN get it than the reverse. This is usually in part to the fact that when we focus on what we want, we are staying true to our own values. This is key in achieving our greatest personal success.

What obstacles have you faced recently? When you came up against them were you relying on yourself or others to determine the path you were taking?

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